Systems for Used Tires Recycling


Used Tires Recycling

Simpro also means ecology. To this end, it has developed an innovative technology capable of separating the used tire components with a high precision level. The system shreds the tire and then fractures it easily due to the very low temperature reached by introduction of sub-refrigerated air (without using nitrogen). After this, a system of vibrating sieves, together with electromagnets, separates rubber, steel and fibre. In so doing, steel is sent back to the foundry and fibre to the textile industry, whereas rubber, extremely pure, is pulverized in the wanted size, depending on the intended use, by means of a mill at the end of the line. Bitumen for asphalt preparation and rubber industry are the major applications.

Every system, just as all those manufactured and installed by Simpro, is custom-made according to the customer’s requirements. The machinery is turnkey supplied, with a full customer service including a 24-hour assistance in case of failure, personnel training and periodic maintenance.