Maintenance 4.0

Maintenance 4.0

For its own systems, Simpro proposes a digital assistant to the maintenance activities. By fully integrating with the control and monitoring system of the machine, the digital infrastructure defines the routine and supplementary maintenance interventions to be performed on the machine and guides the operators in the maintenance procedures.

The application is completely scalable and adaptable to the customer’s requests, so that it can fully meet the specific productive requirements. The result will be a perfect integration of different levels of inspection on the devices (for reactive, preventive or predictive maintenance) in an ad hoc architecture on each system with a view to minimizing maintenance costs, machine stops and impact on production.

The highest level of scalability of the application is recognized when calling up the guided procedures. This allows the customer to use a tool capable of fully supporting his own maintenance staff during the management of every single event (by reducing, in case of failure, the machine restart time) and their prevention (by identifying potential faults through predictive analysis tools structured on more software levels, so as to prevent and avoid them with a focused intervention).

The following items are integrated into one application software, consultable on a desktop, tablet or smartphone:

Maintenance plans

The procedures (uploadable in the system as text documents, pictures, videos, 3D models or animations) can be called up by reading a QR code installed on every concerned device, and constantly monitored for a constant update.

Machine documents and diagrams

An always available machine documents file facilitates their visualization on any device.

Intervention reports

Every performed maintenance activity is recorded and stored in the operator’s handbook in compliance with the regulations in force in the installation country.

Management of support requests

The system allows the operator to track the assistance tickets, the intervention reports as well as hours, costs and spares, by sending such data to the administration management program.

Alarms and worked hours

The application software enables the connection with measuring and remote-control systems, by monitoring alarms and immediately relating them with the corresponding maintenance charts.

Consumption check

Through the integration of power meters in the system, it is also possible to monitor the systems by collecting data from different types of sensors.

Tools for team collaboration

Thanks to the modularity of functions and through different access levels (settable for each account), it is possible to coordinate the activities of the operation and maintenance staff as well as to share one’s own knowledge by means of an internal communication platform.