Test Benches for Electric and Hybrid Motors


Test Benches for Electric and Hybrid Motors


The increasingly rapid development and spread of the electric motors in the automotive industry requires the parallel evolution of equipment for carrying out tests, quality control and final inspection of the propulsive structure. Thanks to the considerable expertise developed in over thirty years of activity in close contact with the endothermic engines, Simpro has easily developed end-of-line test benches for electric and hybrid motors capable of certifying the quality of the final product by checking its performances and identifying its defective elements.

Simpro defines each time a test plan to perform bench tests on: inverters, electric motors, reduction units, gearbox units, as well as on the complete powertrain unit.

According to the customer’s requirements, three types of stations are available:

Electric Motor Test Bench (in line):
• no-load test at reduced speed;
• electric tests and sensors;
• FEM tests.

Reduction Unit Test Bench: Transmission (off line):
• load tests (up to 100% of max torque/speed);
• pinion conformity tests;
• backlash and NVH tests;
• functional check;
• vibration check;
• parking brake check;
• special-purpose tests programmable on specific cycles.

e-Powertrain Test Bench: e-Motor + Inverter + Transmission (off line):
• load tests (up to 100% of max torque/speed);
• NVH tests;
• test profile.

In case of hybrid systems, the test bench is designed to combine the tests of the electric motor with those of the endothermic engine.

The supply is turnkey and includes the after-sales service, the training of the involved personnel, the periodic maintenance and the prompt intervention in case of need.