Over the last few years, SIMPRO has developed the CSS, i.e. an operating system integrated into their own systems for a complete management of the engine test benches.
It is a constantly updated product, modular and widely customizable, being the result of years of experience in the manufacture of engine test benches and installations for the major car manufacturers worldwide.

The CSS architecture has been developed to create a system capable of meeting the specific customer’s requirements in its own production process. Further, it can give rise to long-life installations through an easy updating to keep them in line with the tested product.

The system is provided with several interfaces connectable with the relevant hardware devices as a function of the required performances.

The CSS is suitable for being used in no-load engine starting test benches, in fully automatic in-line test benches, as well as in special-purpose manual and automatic benches for specific analyses on engine performances.

By using just one user interface, it is possible:
to configure and adjust the test cycle parameters;
to check and view the measurements carried out during the cycle in real time;
to create reports for a thorough analysis of data collected during the test, having the possibility of exporting them in formats compatible with the most widespread analysis systems.