Battery Pack Test Bench


Battery Pack Test Bench

Simpro has developed a specific automatic control station with a view to increasing the quality and efficiency of the production of battery packs used to power electric vehicles. This system is intended for End-of-Line production tests in order to detect:
• assembly defects;
• BMS communication faults (Battery Management System); • internal power switch faults;
• irregularities in the battery balancing circuits/consistency;
• performance data.

The test bench is equipped with various safety devices (protecting against overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating), with a device for measuring external parameters as well as with a monitoring and self-calibration system for measuring and power instruments. In so doing, the reliability of the system during the charge/discharge phases and the battery protection will be ensured. Further, the local storage of the testing data will allow them to be safeguarded in case of power failure.

Some feature of the system:
• compliance with international standards about battery tests: CEI, ISO, UL, etc.;
• high-precision current and voltage measurements (± 1,25A / ± 0,1V);
• current reading speed: up to 4 ms;
• reinjection of energy discharged by the battery (Eff ≈ 94%);
• dynamic control profile simulation tests (current/power) for WLTP.

The supply of this test bench is turnkey and includes after-sales service, operators’ training, maintenance and prompt intervention in case of need.