Clamping Systems


Clamping Systems

The experience of Simpro in assembling and welding body parts has enabled the development, standardization and industrialization of high-precision and high-reliability patented clamping systems for their internal use as well as for marketing purposes.

They are guaranteed for two years and manufactured in compliance with the regulations in force; they are delivered with a CE marking and with the relevant instruction manuals.

All of the clamping systems manufactured by Simpro are characterized by a simple architecture for the greatest overall dimension reduction, as well as by a high versatility and applicability. Manufactured with the utmost accuracy, they are controlled by pneumatic or inductive sensors for a manual, pneumatic or electromechanical handling.

Thanks to the standardization of its clamping technology, Simpro can ensure a short procurement time.

A quick assembly and a wide range of accessories allow Simpro to have several different solutions enabling the customer to choose the most suitable combination for his own production process in a fully autonomous manner.