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Founded in 1986, SIMPRO S.p.A. embarked on a path of continuous growth, to obtain an international reputation and trust of the most important car manufacturers in the world. Today it cooperates with the best automakers, providing them with intelligent solutions and high-efficient plants.

Flexibility, competence, innovation and high-quality service have made Simpro a worldwide leader in the turnkey supply of production and quality end-of-line engine and transmission testing system. It specialises in hot and cold test benches, leak test equipment, in cavity waxing technology, and relative conveyor systems and facilities.

Ten years ago, Simpro exported its automotive testing competence in railway industry, by producing one of the most important centres for experimental dynamics for trains and high-speed locomotives in the world.

During 30 years of activities, Simpro has increased and consolidated its international presence through worldwide production plants and branches located in Italy, USA, Brazil, India and China. It has successfully supplied more than 500 main installations for the major automotive and railway manufacturers worldwide.

Our mission

An over thirty years’ experience, customers all over the world, five production units between Italy and Brazil. Most of all, a reputation of reliability, won day by day in the field through smart tailor-made project solutions, developed with the best accuracy and carefully followed also during the post-installation phases (assistance, staff training, maintenance and supply of spare parts).

Being specialized in assembly, welding and fitting equipment, car body protective application systems, complete systems for cold/hot engine testing as well as for treatment of used tires, Simpro, the high-technology partner capable of supplying integrated systems and cutting-edge engineering solutions, has been chosen by the major car manufacturers and by the manufactured goods producers worldwide: this is proven by the great number of plants installed all over Europe, as well as in Africa, Asia and South America.

Production Processes

The process. The method. The enviroment.

Simpro’s activity is exclusively custom-made, with solutions complying with the customer specifications. Such activity is developed by the Engineering Division, which carries out a detailed project analysis by means of drawings, working plans and bills of materials. The Quality and CE-marking Services jointly support the activity progress, by respecting the internal procedures and by drawing up any documentation accompanying the equipment (user’s manuals, reports, certifications).

The assembly operations always occur at Simpro’s workshops: after getting through strict quality and reliability inspections, the equipment is approved and subsequently delivered to the Customer.

From this stage on, the working site activities start, personally managed by Simpro wherever the customer may be: this is an articulated and efficient organizational system capable of promptly meeting any requirement or unexpected occurrence. After the installation, if required, Simpro can provide an assistance service, the ordinary maintenance, the staff training as well as an on-site emergency service.

All activities are controlled by the environmental management systems, which monitor and control the production impact on the environment.

Machining and measuring control

Simpro is involved not only in the study and design of systems but, so as to guarantee the utmost quality to the Customer, it also provides for the machining of the major mechanical parts. For this purpose the Company, besides the common workshop tools, has machinery with a large machining range and flexibility, capable of carrying out both machining and inspection of what is designed by the engineering department. Machine tools and measuring machines are connected to the company computerized network in order to ensure the highest efficiency by taking advantage of the capabilities offered by CAD/CAM systems available at Simpro. Not least, the personnel operating in this sector was duly trained both by the machinery constructor, at his own premises, and by Simpro 3-D design staff.


Construction of the first test bench for battery packs


Construction of the first test bench for electric motors


Start of works to move into the new headquarters


Establishment of a partnership with Xiangyang EMT (Shanghai)


Partnership established with MCM, Novi, Michigan (USA)


Partnership established with Bauer, Michigan (USA)


EMAS Italy gives Simpro the prize for “15 years of credibility, performance and transparency of environment management”


PSA gives Simpro the prize “Supplier Awards”


Maintenance systems produced for Osmannoro railway experimentation


Pantograph test bench produced for France


Foundation of Simpro India Technology (Mumbai)


Assembly systems produced for Brescia subway


CSS (Engine Testing Control System) developed


First railway order for the Centre for Experimental Dynamics in Osmannoro


FIAT AUTO gives Simpro the prize “Quality for engine testing systems and waxing lines”


Mec-Ind taken over by Simpro


Research and Development bench installed at Brandizzo premises


Inauguration of the new Termoli plant


EMAS Environment Certification achieved


Somel company, located in Levone Canavese, specialized in hot forging and machining, was acquired by Simpro group


ISO 14001 Quality Certification achieved


Foundation of the new South American plant: Simpro do Brasil


Foundation of Mec-Ind production unit with 2 new plants


Inauguration of the internal Engineering Department


First ISO 9001 Quality Certification achieved


First welding & assembly line produced


First foreign order


First engine test benches produced


First waxing system produced, with installation in Italy


First order

Company name

Simpro S.p.A.


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Productive unit 2

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Productive unit 3

Zona industriale A Via Enrico Mattei 86039 Termoli (CB) Italy
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Simpro IT 138 / Gruppo 250

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